The Universal Law of Believing and Knowing

One of my favorite Universal Laws is the Law of Believing and Knowing. People often want to achieve their goals and receive their desires, but don’t know how to get to the bigger goals and dreams they hold dear. The Law of Believing and Knowing is very helpful in this regard.

A simple way to explain the Law of Believing and Knowing starts with the simple things that you find easy to believe in. You probably believe you can walk out the door to your house or apartment, get in your car, drive to a nearby grocery store and purchase the necessary items to make the meal of your choice. In fact, you actually know that you can do this, because you have done it so many times it has become second nature and you expect that it will all work out again. Even if you get sidetracked or if there is a small problem, such as that grocery store is closed due to an emergency water leak, then you just go to the next closest or next best store.

Believing you can accomplish a slightly more challenging task is actually pretty easy. Let’s say that you needed to find some specific ingredients for a rather exotic dish you recently learned how to make at a cooking class. You might have to go to a few grocery stores for a number of the ingredients, yet your belief will still be pretty high because it’s not that much of a stretch.

However, if you found out that you needed to cater 200 people soon for a giant banquet, you might find your belief in this a bit more daunting. An ever more challenging thought might be to open your own restaurant dealing with all the many factors involved. In time you could do it though. This is the nature of believing and knowing. You start with desires and goals you can believe in, the move into knowing through producing results and manifestations with those beliefs until you have a degree of knowing. Eventually you can learn how this process works and use it to move towards any desire no matter how big or detailed it might be!

The Universal Law of Attraction

People have been hearing about the Law of Attraction for years. Some people really understand this law, although for most people it’s true power continues to remain a mystery. Many of the people who harmonize with this law the best don’t even know what Universal Laws are. That is because the laws are always working, always turned on, and always doing their job no matter who you are or what you know or don’t know consciously about them.

The Law of Attraction is based upon the nature of the Universe being made up of vibrations or frequencies. Many physicists know that the Universe is made up of molecules and atoms and subatomic particles. They also know that everything in the Universe vibrates at different rates. Even our thoughts and emotions vibrate at different rates and frequencies.

The essence of the Law of Attraction is that things, people, and experiences that vibrate in a similar manner are drawn to each other, whereas things, people, and experiences that vibrate at different rates are repelled from each other. This is why, when you are having a bad day you tend to draw more things to make you frustrated, annoyed, angry, upset or sad. Also this is why when you are having a good day it seems that the blessings just keep on coming. Your vibration is your point of attraction which is always caused how and where you are focusing your attention. Where you focus your attention generates your thoughts and emotions. All of this results in what you are attracting into your life.

I’ll be going into all of this in a much more deep and complete fashion in future blogs.

Universal Law Teaser

There exist throughout the Universe certain factors that guide and govern all of creation. These factors can be seen as structures that make everything work. Often these factors have been referred to as Universal Laws.

Many people have heard about the Law of Attraction, but did you know there are other Universal Laws? Some people believe there are dozens or hundreds of these different laws, although I have found there to be 13 different Universal Laws that work together to bring about creation and give us as humans/souls the opportunity to create, learn, grow, and enjoy our existence.

A few of the Universal Law are:

1. The Law of Attraction
2. The Law of Believing and Knowing
3. The Law of Causation
4. The Law of Clear Perspective
5. The Law of Evolution
6. The Law of Relativity

Check future posts for more about each of these laws, how they work, and how they can transform every aspect of your life!

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