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Corporate Keynotes

The Secret Source of Motivation

It may seem mysterious that some people have boundless energy and an inexhaustible wellspring of motivation. Everyone has a comparable level of motivation they can draw upon, but most people remain tired, overworked, and frustrated. Are you ready to help your employees, members, or associates reach their full potential? The secrets to causing this are easy and explained through this keynote.

Communication with Dummies

Do you ever feel like many of the people you are talking to are dummies? Maybe there is just that one person who grates on your every nerve and seems to make communication impossible. You can learn to communicate with anyone through a few easy steps. This keynote reveals how to communicate with even the most obstinate or opposite person.

Awaken Your Inner Leader

People have the opportunity to lead every day because they have the opportunity to influence others every day. Knowing how to lead is simple, yet it requires knowing the right choices to make at the right times. Empower your company, team, or organization to be leaders of the highest quality.

The shocking truth about your DREAMS

Have you ever dreamed you were unprepared for work? Perhaps you sometimes find yourself naked amongst your colleagues? You might even dream of being back in school, not able to get your locker open, unprepared for a math test, or trying to make it to your school bus before it leaves.
Every dream has a meaning, and every dream says something about YOU! Damian can help you decode your dreams while he shares some of the most outrageous dreams he has ever interpreted.

University Programs

Know Your Dreams, Live Your Dreams

Most college students have dreams and aspirations for a fulfilling life, but many of them will bury their dreams for decades. Living your full potential means discovering, with clarity and certainty, who you are and what you want. This program reveals easy keys for turning your DREAMS into REALITY!

How to Be a Real Life Superhero

Within every college student is a hero waiting to be born! From this program students will find out how to tap into their secret source of energy, overcome everyday challenges with ease, and discover their own unique super power.

Better than Beer

What could possibly be better than a cold beer or the guilty pleasure of your choice? How about trying something that is totally safe, totally free, and totally legal? College students want to know! Discover the answer to these questions and reveal experiences that will blow your mind through this hilarious drug and alcohol awareness program.

The Shocking Truth about College Students’ DREAMS

Dreaming about not being prepared for that big exam? Boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on you in your dreams? Maybe you’ve been dreaming you can’t find a bathroom anywhere on campus?

Every dream has a meaning, and every dream says something about YOU! Damian can help you decode your dreams while he shares some of the most outrageous dreams he has ever interpreted.



Everyone needs a coach, mentor, or teacher. The most successful people in the world employ coaches who can see what they cannot. Your Beyond Dreams coach can offer tools for self development, insights for greater productivity, and methods for quickly attaining your goals. Beyond Dreams offers these areas of coaching:

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Beyond Dreams speaking engagements are lively, enlightening, inspiring, and entertaining. These presentations are perfect for virtually any group – business conferences,  employee education days, university programs, and more. Our speeches can be custom tailored to fit your audience. Some of the most popular titles include:

• The Secret Source of Motivation

• The shocking truth about your DREAMS

• Awaken Your Inner Leader

• Communication with Dummies

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